Logistics and transport

As a result of our activities in the automotive sector, machine building and ICT, we have built up a very strong portfolio of clients in transport and logistics over the last several years. In the past, we have worked for a very well-known truck manufacturer in the Netherlands, several logistics services companies and a prominent investor in logistics real estate. However, the lion’s share of our logistics portfolio consists of companies that supply software for warehouse management, order picking, route planning, groupage, and track & trace services.


In recent years, we have also worked on successful projects for packaging companies that focus on transport and consumer packaging, and for machinery and systems builders that concentrate on warehouse design, warehouse automation and robotic palletization systems.

International transport

Due to the strategic location of the Netherlands between the main ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam and the German industrial Ruhr region, we have entered into a partnership with a German organization in North Rhine-Westphalia that focuses on logistics services companies that work on both sides of the border.