Medical, health care and wellness

Based on our experience with the “technical side” of the medical sector, for example, manufacturers of medical aids, a notified body for medical aids, suppliers of furniture, equipment and software for care institutions and suppliers of solutions for health care and home care, our consultants have gradually started focusing more and more on the sectors in which these products are used.


The result of this is that we regularly set up positioning projects for care institutions and hospitals, facilitate administrators in communicating their knowledge and authority via social and printed media, help pharmaceutical companies introduce their medicines in foreign markets, and help institutions under fire to steer their communication in response to media attention and online commotion in the right direction.

Crisis communication in the health care sector

One of Wisse Kommunikatie’s areas of specialization is crisis communication in the health care sector. Over 40 care institutions, domestic violence intervention groups, day-care centers and mental health care institutions have a crisis communication contract with us that assures them of support seven days per week, 24 hours per day if their organization is portrayed negatively in the press or online.