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Crisis call: +31 (0)26 372 0871
Job market communication

Job market communication

A tight job market, competition within the sector, ageing personnel, recruiting new talent and retaining existing employees: many companies are struggling with these issues. Effective job market communication is indispensable to meet these challenges.


Our consultants are happy to advise and support you in the areas of:

  • Employer branding: The structural and distinctive profiling of the organization as a good employer.
  • Recruitment: Defining, finding and then interesting the target groups by means of attractive job opening texts.
  • Employee relationship management: Keeping hold of the employees who are already on board by means of transparent internal communication that reflects the employees’ engagement.
  • Connection: The creation of a sense of connection, loyalty and satisfaction amongst the employees, so that they in turn are enthusiastic about the organization.


The most important ingredients for successful job market communication are:

  1. Cooperation between HR and communication. A structural and active collaboration between these specialized departments creates excellent opportunities.
  2. Time to reflect, to analyze, to study, to plan and – above all – to implement.


Time for cooperation

Do you have ideas, but no time? Or maybe no time for ideas? Wisse Kommunikatie will be pleased to help you with your job market communication. For more information, contact Serge Beckers.