PR and media relations

Although these two areas are often used interchangeably, they are actually complementary to one another: PR and media relations. PR, or public relations, involves improving the understanding between your organization and your stakeholders. We can help you in this area by setting up a focused lobbying project, for example, a well-timed event, or a strong social campaign.

We use media relations, or an active and structural approach using media, to generate free positive publicity that will further improve this understanding among your target groups. Whitepapers, customer case studies, research reports or a series of blogs that you use to establish and confirm your authority are just a few examples of the type of content that we produce and “plug” for our clients on a regular basis.

Free publicity

This refers to all the positive publicity generated in printed media, online, and on radio and television that is not paid for. Regardless of the channel, it always involves intrinsic and relevant content. This content is not something that you can just publish at random; it requires a lot of hard work, thorough preparation and detailed planning beforehand. Successful free publicity is highly dependent on text or images that are truly effective, that are relevant or preferably even urgent in nature, and which are formulated in a clear, succinct manner.

Media training

Our media training offers you insight into the Dutch media landscape, the information requirements of the various types of media, and how they work. We also teach you how to deal with the press, and how to speak to journalists in an open and relaxed manner. If you like, we can even add practical interview and camera training to the program. After completing our training, you will have the necessary tools and insights you need to set up an active media policy and to communicate with the media.