Social media and tools

There are a vast array of ICT tools that can help PR professionals in their work. We are also proud to say that not only are we familiar with most of these tools, but if we aren’t already using them, we have at least subjected them to a critical evaluation. The average media database, tools for sending press releases, (e-)clippings services, digital press rooms, tools for social media releases and resources for social media monitoring are all far from foreign to us. For some these may be the icing on the cake, but for us, they are the foundation for our cycle of content monitoring, content creation and content distribution.

Social media strategy

In providing our services, we feel it is crucial to start at the beginning: the story that every organization has to tell. Based on this story, we spot the opportunities, come up with various approaches, and translate these to social content. With the aid of a posting plan, we make these tangible, while at the same time applying the right degree of creativity and spontaneity to optimally capitalize on the fast yet not always fleeting nature of social media.

Social media monitoring

Using our free or paid monitoring tools, we track what is being said about an organization during a certain period, on which channels and by whom, and what the general thrust is of these messages. For many of our clients, we monitor their online presence on a daily basis to see if this has changed, how we can influence or consolidate the situation, and how we can modify their profile.