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Social media strategy

Social media strategy

Today almost every company is present on social media, often with a company page on several channels. But if you look carefully, it turns out that many companies started off very enthusiastically, but then failed to follow through on their social media activities. That´s the biggest pitfall. Because even if managing the various channels isn’t difficult, you do have to think carefully in advance about why you are active on social media and what you want to achieve.


We work out this information for our clients in a social media strategy, which usually entails the following steps:


Analysis of the current situation: we map out where we stand now and what the starting point can be for the new strategy

Define the goal of the social activity: what do we want to achieve with our presence?

Prepare a social media plan in which we determine e.g. what channels the target groups are located on and what content should be used to approach them



Once we’ve figured out what we want to say and how, it´s time for the most enjoyable part: the implementation. The channels are set up so that relevant information can be found quickly, and the content and the timing are integrated into the posting plan. Where necessary we sponsor posts, so that not only the existing followers see the content, but new target groups as well.


Whether it’s a b2b campaign to make your services known via LinkedIn, a campaign on Facebook to find the “Most inaccessible location in the Netherlands”, or a campaign to attract students to the National Millennial Community via Instagram: the possibilities are endless!