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Crisis call: +31 (0)26 372 0871
Training courses

Training courses

Our consultants are highly skilled at setting up and leading communication workshops, such as crisis, media, interview, social media, writing and presentation training courses. We custom-tailor all our training courses. For you alone, or for you and your colleagues.

Spokesperson training

In our spokesperson training we give you insight into the Dutch media landscape, the informational needs of the various types of media and the way they function. We also teach you how you can deal with the press and speak to journalists in an open and relaxed way. If you want, we can also provide a practical interview and camera training course. After our training, you’ll have the necessary tools and insights to set up an active media policy and interact with the media.


Presentation training

If you want to be well prepared for a presentation we like to put you in front of our cameras. Our experienced interviewers and cameramen know how, despite the training setting, to create that little bit of pressure so that the exercise approximates the real thing. After a number of exercises and theoretical lessons, you’ll be able to stand confidently in front of a group.


Language and writing training

Our PR consultants are real nitpickers when it comes to language, and thus ideally suited for providing rules, tips and tricks to our clients. They explore your wishes on the basis of a personal interview, and in addition base themselves on the texts that you and your employees have produced. Our training naturally contains a theoretical part, but we also address your specific problems with a number of practical exercises.


MT training

With our personalized MT training we prepare your BoD, your MT and your location and communication managers for interviews with your stakeholders and for dealing with the press. We jointly customize the training course; usually it consists of both a theoretical part and role-playing and other exercises in which you learn how to deal with cameras, microphones and tricky interview questions. We provide the training together with our experienced Dutch Broadcasting Foundation cameraman.


Gatekeeper training

It´s not just management that has to deal with crisis communication. In fact, crisis alerts usually come in first to the reception, or reach the organization via in-house emergency and first-aid response team members or other personnel. In our gatekeeper training we show these gatekeepers what the effect can be of crisis alerts that are dealt with incorrectly (or not at all), and we provide them with techniques and formulas for properly escalating the crisis alerts to the right people. We use our cameraman in this training as well, so as to make the training as realistic as possible. Up to ten people can participate in the gatekeeper training at a given time.


Disaster training

Another important pillar in our preparation for a crisis is our disaster training. This concept too is custom-tailored to your organization. The objective of the disaster training is to train the in-house emergency and first-aid response team and the crisis management team (CMT) for all of their tasks during a disaster and in their mutual interaction. The disaster training consists of three components:


  • In-house emergency and first-aid response team

This training goes beyond pure communication. Together with your own or our in-house emergency and first-aid response team partner, we start with a detailed in-house emergency and first-aid response team scenario, where your organization is confronted with e.g. a simulated fire, an evacuation or victim assistance.

  • Media attention and interviews

Then one of the crisis consultants of Wisse Kommunikatie, in collaboration with its cameraman, conducts several interviews about the incident, while the other crisis consultants call up your employees with questions on behalf of the daily papers and current affairs and news shows.

  • Social media

Virtually simultaneously with the interviews, things explode on the social media and your communication department has the job of effectively responding to tweets and posts on the incident, which the consultants of Wisse Kommunikatie put online in a closed environment.


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