Our consultants are very driven when it comes to setting up and giving communication training programs such as crisis training, media training, interview training, training on optimizing the use of social media, presentation training and writing workshops. We create all our training programs on a made-to-order basis for you individually or for you and your employees.

Media training

Our media training offers you insight into the Dutch media landscape, the information requirements of the various types of media, and how they work. We also teach you how to deal with the press, and how to speak to journalists in an open and relaxed manner. If you like, we can even offer practical interview and camera training to the program. After completing our training, you will have the necessary tools and insights you need to set up an active media policy and to communicate with the media.

Presentation training

If you would like to explore the obstacles and pitfalls involved in giving a presentation in greater detail, we would be happy to show you what it’s like to stand at a presentation screen and in front of a camera. Even though this is held in a training setting, our experienced cameramen and interviewers really know how to create the kind of hectic atmosphere that comes close to reality. After a few of these exercises and theoretical sessions about giving a good presentation, you will be able to stand in front of a group, full of confidence.

Language and writing training

Our PR consultants are real perfectionists when it comes to language. This makes them ideally suited for showing clients who could use a language refresher course or writing class the rules, tips and tricks of this trade. Our consultants examine your needs during a face-to-face meeting, and also base their evaluation on the texts that you and your staff have produced. Although our training programs naturally include theoretical topics, we also address your specific problems through a number of practical exercises.

Crisis training

Another important pillar in our offering involves our crisis training programs. Based on the broad training package we have set up, we can put together a tailor-made program suited to your needs. We can instruct you on evacuation drills and victim assistance, including the skills you need to properly handle the subsequent cameras, microphones and difficult interview questions you will face, and provide you with adequate responses to Tweets and posts. Our training programs may be held for groups or on an individual basis.