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Podcast 'Markante Kommunikanten'

Get to know the podcast of Wisse Kommunikatie, in which we talk with 'markante kommunikaten, or ´Striking Communicators´. People who have to depict an unusual brand or product, a special service or themselves and do so in a way that is exceptional in terms of simplicity, authenticity, sympathy or nostalgia, or for its creativity despite meager marketing budgets. These are stories that make us curious and the kind of conversations we like to engage in! The backgrounds and branches are wide-ranging, but they have one thing in common: they bring a striking story to the microphone.

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Podcast Markante Kommunikanten on Spotify

On our Spotify page you can find all the episodes of our podcast ‘Markante Kommunikanten’.

For now, they are all in Dutch. But international podcasts wil follow!

Podcast Markante Kommunikanten

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You can listen to the podcasts for our Striking Communicators on Spotify.