Wisse Kommunikatie

Wisse Kommunikatie is a medium-sized PR firm that focuses primarily on communication consulting, PR and the production of content for clients active in technology sectors. We have many clients in the ICT sector, for example, but also work for companies active in industry, transport and logistics, construction and installation, and medical technology. Although we initially focused mainly on B-to-B communication, we have also worked on an increasing number of B-to-C projects in recent years. Most of these projects involve ICT, consumer electronics, the automotive sector and energy.

Full service

Wisse Kommunikatie is a full-service communication consulting firm. In our case, “full service” means that even though we can do everything, we don’t do it all ourselves. We prefer to leave some of our activities such as graphic design, printing and website management to our partners who specialize in these areas.

We help our clients identify their target groups, map out their use of media and the primary messages they want to convey, and coordinate all our activities in line with these basic principles, whether this involves media relations, PR, marketing PR, issue management or crisis communication.


We are highly skilled at developing professional content for our clients. This not only includes producing texts for press information, websites, blogs, social media, newsletters and printed matter, but we also help our clients with the production of photos, video, graphics and animation. The starting point in all this is that the content must be appealing and informative for the target groups as well as the information channels the target groups use. We also organize events and support our clients as needed with their direct and other marketing activities. We do not focus on specific communication disciplines, resources or tools, but apply those activities and resources that have the most relevant reach and offer the best results for our clients.

Our clients praise us for our ability to be flexible and engaged and quickly shift gears when necessary. Thanks to our years of experience, we are very much at home in many technical areas.