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Crisis call: +31 (0)26 372 0871
Wisse Kommunikatie Wisse Kommunikatie
Crisis call: +31 (0)26 372 0871

Meet our advisors

Our advisors are here to help you


Theo Snijders

Theo Snijders is managing partner at Wisse Kommunikatie. He focuses primarily on clients in industry, construction & installation and energy....


Peter Drent

Peter Drent is responsible for all clients in the IT, tech and innovation portfolio of Wisse Kommunikatie. In his role...


Serge Beckers

Serge Beckers is managing partner at Wisse Kommunikatie. He is primarily active in the medical, healthcare and well-being sectors. In...


Tim van der Kallen

Tim has been working as a digital communication consultant at Wisse Kommunikatie since May 2019. He applies his experience in...


Simone Straten

Since August 2019, Simone has been working as a communications consultant at Wisse Kommunikatie, serving various clients, particularly in IT...


Marlous Fortuin

Marlous has worked as a communication consultant at Wisse Kommunikatie since 2015. She works for clients from a wide range...


Sebastiaan Scheepers

Sebastiaan Scheepers works as a senion consultant at Wisse Kommunikatie for clients from the IT and innovation field, such as...


Anne Nicolaides

Anne Nicolaides has worked at Wisse Kommunikatie since November 2017. She comes from Berlin and is therefore an important link...


Koen Uijt de Haag

As a consultant at Wisse Kommunikatie, Koen Uijt de Haag works for clients from a wide range of sectors, such...


Siemon Bakker

Siemon Baker has been responsible for the financial administration of Wisse Kommunikatie since 2002. In addition, for many years he...


Patricia Aragon

As of February Patricia Aragon started her internship at Wisse Kommunikatie as a Public Relations Intern. She is originally from...


Working at Wisse Kommunikatie?

We don´t have any specific job openings right now, but we´re always interested in fresh talent. Regardless of whether that...