Hanneke van Heijster

Hanneke accepted a postgraduate traineeship at Wisse, in order to gain fieldwork experience after her studies. Prior to that she had already been an intern at Wisse, studying crisis communication in chemical companies. After her studies, in 2016, she decided to come back and gain PR experience.

Hanneke works for thyssenkrupp and Sharp Benelux, among others. In addition, she supports the other Wisse consultants by making translations, drafting press releases, conducting interviews and writing newsletters. Wisse offers her the opportunity to get acquainted with the different aspects of communication consultancy. ‘Wisse Kommunikatie is versatile, internationally oriented and gives me space to learn and discover what I enjoy doing. What I like about PR is that the attention for clients is not being bought through ads but generated through interesting, substantial messages. This requires continuously asking yourself who the readers of an article are and how to captivate them. That is a challenge I enjoy taking up.’

Hanneke first studied Communication with Spanish as a second language at HAN University of Applied Sciences. She then decided to pursue a Master of Communication & Influencing at Radboud University in Nijmegen, focussing on crisis communication and leadership communication.