Koen Uijt de Haag

Koen Uijt de Haag works as a consultant at Wisse Kommunikatie. He has clients in various sectors, such as Ultimaker, Office Depot and Sharp. Koen has gained extensive experience in various PR and journalistic positions in both B2B and B2C.

‘How to get someone to read or notice a corporate message? That, to me, is the most interesting challenge of my work. For instance, when a client has achieved or produced something and wants the world to know. It is then up to us to wrap this achievement in a message that the audience likes to read.  What makes my job so much fun is that you learn things about sectors that you would not have expected to ever know ten years ago.’

Koen joined Wisse Kommunikatie in October 2017. He graduated as a communication scientist from Radboud University Nijmegen after pursuing a Master in Journalism and Media. After a period as an editor and news reader at a local broadcasting company and as a freelance journalist for professional soccer club NEC, Koen started working as an online marketer for a local start up. He then joined a PR agency in Eindhoven, from where he made the transfer to Wisse Kommunikatie.