Marlous Fortuin

Marlous, who joined Wisse Kommunikatie in 2015, has very specialized experience, and her broad skill set makes her a valuable asset to our team. Her marketing experience has been a boon to the company, as the traditional lines between marketing and PR are becoming more blurred.

“The last company I worked for had all the in-house expertise they needed, including marketing and communications, design and website management. That’s why I’m excited about the opportunity I’m given here at Wisse to work on all these different projects for many different companies. You can’t get stuck in a routine when you’re expected to come up with an appropriate solution for each individual project. My favorite parts of the job are using my language skills, focusing on solutions and being involved in implementation.”

Before joining the staff of Wisse Kommunikatie in 2015, Marlous earned a degree in communications from HAN University of Applied Sciences and then gained her first work experience at a communications company. She subsequently became a marketing coordinator at a legal publishing house, where she was in charge of marketing, communications and new business development for the monthly legal journal Ars Aequi.