Peter Drent

Peter Drent is responsible for all clients in our IT, tech and innovation portfolio. In his role as senior consultant, he advises, among others, Brocade, CCV, Fuze, NetSuite, ServiceNow and Synology regarding PR and media relations. Peter is also involved in our agency's new business activities.

‘The media landscape is changing, consumers are changing, companies are changing. Therefore, PR is changing too. But what doesn't change is the importance of journalistically sound content and good media relations. With this principle in mind, Wisse Kommunikatie supports companies in bringing their story to the attention of the right target groups, and no longer exclusively through traditional media and free publicity. Where, four years ago, we started the rollout of online newsrooms, we now rely on fully integrated, substantial content platforms much more as a basis for always-on PR. That is the future as I see it.’

In 2005 Peter graduated in Integrated Communication Management from HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. He gained his first experience at Lucas Stassen's PR agency before joining Wisse Kommunikatie in 2009. After a brief spell of slightly over a year as a PR Director in the Amsterdam advertising scene, Peter returned to Wisse Kommunikatie early 2016. Besides his work at Wisse, Peter is a Supervisory Board Member at consultancy firm Scompany, a part of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. He is also a board member of Communicatiekring Arnhem, a regional network of communication professionals.