Sebastiaan Scheepers

Sebastiaan Scheepers works at Wisse Kommunikatie as a communication consultant. He mainly operates for customers in the IT and innovation business, such as Synology, Cornerstone OnDemand and ServiceNow. Sebastiaan has ample experience in PR, both on the B2C and B2B side. He also worked in the front office for a period of time. Old love never dies, however, so he joined Wisse Kommunikatie in December 2016.

‘I feel that helping businesses translate their corporate vision into journalistically interesting copy is one of the best parts of my job. Which message do we want to send, how do we word it, and how do we make it stand out? My training as a journalist still serves me well in this respect. I also consider working for several and different clients a great advantage of my job. Actually, it was the main reason for me to return to the back office.'

Sebastiaan graduated as a journalist from Fontys University of Applied Sciences in 2007. After a period as a freelance journalist and after obtaining a university degree in History, he accidentally ended up in the PR business. His first agency was in Eindhoven, after which he became responsible for the PR of a start-up company in Nijmegen. Last year, he joined Wisse Kommunikatie.