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Crisis call: +31 (0)26 372 0871
Serge Beckers

Serge Beckers

Managing partner


Serge Beckers is managing partner at Wisse Kommunikatie. He is primarily active and very experienced in in the medical, healthcare and well-being sectors. In that capacity he is also general manager in charge of supporting the forty healthcare institutions for which Wisse Kommunikatie handles crisis communication.


“Amazingly beautiful things happen in the medical sector, and I always enjoy the challenge of doing a good job of transmitting this information. In the healthcare field I often have a somewhat more urgent challenge: reputation recovery through targeted crisis communication. Hospitals, healthcare and mental health institutions are seeing their good names being threatened ever more quickly. Sometimes correctly, very often unjustly, through overly simplistic reporting via the social media or by journalists who rush a story out without hearing both sides first. Although the crisis case per se is often annoying for all the parties involved, the corresponding dynamic and the satisfaction one gets when an incident is handled well is fantastic for a communication professional.”


Serge holds a number of positions in addition to that of managing partner. For example, he is jointly responsible for directing Wisse´s sister agency INSTICOM in Brussels and he is a Worldcom board member and chairman of the Worldcom Healthcare Practice Group.


Serge Beckers has worked at Wisse Kommunikatie since 2008 and has been a co-owner since 2012. Before he came to Wisse Kommunikatie, he was active as a journalist and editor and worked for companies in the medical sector. He studied French and Danish at the Erasmus University College for Translators and Interpreters in Brussels and Business Communication at the Radboud University of Nijmegen.