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Crisis call: +31 (0)26 372 0871
Simone Straten

Simone Straten


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Since August 2019, Simone has been working as a communications consultant at Wisse Kommunikatie, serving various clients, particularly in IT and healthcare. She enjoys deploying her experience, creativity and business instinct.

‘Communication: it seems so easy, but it is often far from that. I see it as a challenge to communicate content as clearly as possible. My experience in music theatre, a genre which revolves around optimally getting a message across, has spurred me to play around with all the existing communication facilities. Whether we opt for a written or spoken message, for visualisations or for a combination of both, I will work with great enthusiasm to communicate our clients’ content as convincingly as possible. The more complicated the (technical) language and content, the greater the challenge.’

Together with our colleague Marlous, Simone completed the degree programme in Communication at HAN University of Applied Sciences in 2007. After her training, she was responsible for marketing and communication within various companies, mainly in the technical sector. So the companies for which she will be working at Wisse Kommunikatie are not unfamiliar to her. On a creative level, she followed a part-time music theatre course in The Hague, racked up some impressive mileage as a singer and recorded audio books for the visually impaired.