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Tech Companies enhancing the live of disabled customers

Technology has enabled companies to create products to enhance the lives of people living with disabilities. With customers in mind, tech companies create adaptive and innovative apps and gadgets to improve the lives of their disabled customers. Consequently, there are a lot of tech gadgets that ease the daily tasks of disabled users. A lot of companies focus on making disabled customers’ live easier and providing them with products for more independent living.

Products such as smart watches and eBooks are not as accessible to blind people. However, tech companies have developed products that will make these products more accessible by blind customers. Wearable companies like Dot give blind customers the ability to check messages and other apps anywhere at any time by translating everything into braille. Often times reading a book or even a braille book is an inconvenience because the brail books are so thick. However, a product such as Braille, an eBook that translates everything into brail, make reading a much simpler and more convenient task.

Another product enhancing the lives of disabled customers is bond conducting headphones. These headphones allow blind users the ability to enjoy audio books, music, or even use GPS without compromising their ability to still be conscious of the world around them, which is very important for independent mobility. Companies like our new client Aftershokz have an open ear design so users are still able to hear the world around them; thus, creating a safer way for the visually impaired to travel.

Bone conducting headphones also significantly improve the lives of those living with hearing disability. Sometimes bone conducting technology is the solution for deaf customers. For example, AfterShokz uses bone conducting technology to transmit sound through your cheekbones, bypass your eardrum all together. For some users, this product has been life changing and they have been able to hear audio again.

AXS Map is an app that allows physically disabled customers to view the nearby wheelchair-accessible ramps and restrooms. The app provides information about these services accompanied by how well designed these facilities are with ratings. A more innovative product not yet on the market is iBot, an all-terrain wheelchair. Going up stairs is a huge inconvenience for the physically disabled, so this wheelchair is designed to navigate any terrain, including stairs, by using self-balancing technology.

These innovative products have greatly improved the lives of disabled people by allowing them to carryout daily tasks easily and safely. These products are allowing disabled customers to live more independent lives as well as improve their daily lives all together.

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