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The HyMove bus: a never-ending story

After implementing an extensive package of communications activities for the Arnhem-based hydrogen project HyMove  between 2010 and 2014, we supported HyMove B.V., the commercial spin-off of the project, during the official transfer of the second-generation hydrogen bus to public transport company Syntus in June 2016.The media activities were successful, as always, mainly because hydrogen is an attractive topic for the media.

The hydrogen bus has been part of the regular Syntus schedule for the Apeldoorn area since January 2017. Monitoring of the systems on the bus has revealed that its performance exceeds all expectations. The bus is economical, highly efficient and operates fault free. It is our job to spread the success story of the new bus and to show the world that hydrogen buses can make an enormous contribution to the transition to zero-emission public transport.