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Spotlight: Labour-market communication


Whether you are selling an expensive product or a free service: all organisations and companies need good staff. Employees are more than hired hands and brains that perform tasks for you. They are individuals with their own ambitions, desires, needs and expectations. Finding, recruiting, motivating and retaining the right people for your organisation requires a specific form of communication: labour-market communication.

The concept of labour-market communication refers to the structural interaction between your organisation and the internal and external labour markets. It includes all communication with former, current and future employees. Labour-market communication can be used for four main goals:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Employee relationship management
  3. Employer branding
  4. Connecting

The priority of each target depends on your organisation’s short and long-term strategies in these areas.


Labour-market communication for the purpose of recruitment focuses on the development of, for example, recruitment campaigns and vacancy texts. It mostly includes direct activities aimed at finding potential candidates and enticing them to join the organisation. Recruitment can also take the form of videos, social media campaigns, open days and other events. Job marketing, in other words: the targeted marketing of a job to a specific target group through the use of the right media and resources and by responding to the needs and desires of this target group, may be used to draw the attention of potential candidates to vacancies that are hard to fill. Optimal recruitment requires the entire application process, from vacancy to the signing of the contract, to be as understandable and clear as possible to candidates. The alignment of mutual expectations is an important part of this.

Employee Relationship Management (ERM)

ERM means engaging in, building and maintaining good relationships with current, potential and former employees. Satisfied employees contribute to productivity and the success of your organisation. They are also ambassadors who recruit new talents for you and have a positive effect on your image as an employer. By structurally keeping in touch with your target groups and offering them relevant content, ERM can help you attract new employees from outside your organisation.

Employer branding

Activities in the area of employer branding aim to profile your organisation as a strong employer brand through constant and consistent presence among relevant target groups. This requires being clear about ‘who you are’ and what you do as an organisation, but also about what distinguishes you from the competition in the labour market. The clearer your brand, the more you will recruit people who fit that brand.


Where it used to be about ‘binding and captivating’ people before, 2018 is about connecting with your employees. It is no longer sufficient to make them feel committed to their work and involved with their colleagues. Employees must also feel connected with the organisational goals and preferably pursue these goals themselves. If they don’t, your best people will disappear through the back door, looking for greener pastures elsewhere. The success of connecting and keeping the back door locked is in the hands of your managers and their leadership and communication skills.

Where some activities yield quick results, others may take some more stamina. Wisse Kommunikatie can support your HR and communication staff in the field of labour-market communication: from research, analysis and strategic advice to practical support through the development of content and the organisation of the right activities.

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