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Every company has a story to share. A story that arouses interest, offers knowledge and makes people curious. But not everyone knows how to convey that story in a way that captures attention.

The PR consultants of Wisse Kommunikatie know how it’s done. We always find the news value in a story, which we put out in the most appropriate form, via the right channels. For example, by means of a targeted lobbying process or a well-timed event or press trip, with publications in the specialized media, in a roundtable discussion, a podcast or webinar or a strong social media campaign.

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PR revolves around news value

PR or public relations is described as ´the systematic promotion of the mutual understanding between a company and its stakeholders´. A beautiful description of an honorable professional field, yet it regularly becomes evident that there is still too little clarity about what PR is and what it can mean for a company.

PR offers a large number of advantages compared to more commercial campaigns. Thanks to the journalistic manner of writing, which all of our consultants have mastered, we bring companies - in an informative, objective and credible way - into the media that are established in the heart of their target group. Our PR campaigns thereby ensure a greater name recognition and authority of both the organization and its directors.

PR often cannot be seen independent from media relations. The right connections with the national, regional and specialized media are important for generating free publicity. Because, however good the whitepaper, the customer case, the press release, the research report or the series of blogs, vlogs or podcasts might be, if it doesn´t reach the right journalist for publication, it is useless as earned content.

PR draait om reputatie

PR werkt constant aan de positieve relatie tussen een bedrijf en zijn publiek. Door structureel journalistiek ingestoken informatie te verspreiden over jouw bedrijf zorgen wij ervoor dat je naamsbekendheid groeit en dat de ontvanger van de content op een positieve manier over je bedrijf, diensten of producten gaat en blijft denken.

PR revolves around reputation

PR constantly works on the positive relationship between a company and its public. By disseminating structural journalistic information about your company, we ensure that your name recognition grows and that the recipient of the content will think (and continue to think) positively about your company, services or products. You can read how we do that on the page about publicity with the right PR strategy.

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“If I was down to my last dollar, I'd spend it on public relations”

Want to know why Bill Gates uttered those legendary words? Our consultants can tell you everything about the added value of a well-targeted PR campaign.