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About Wisse Kommunikatie

Wisse Kommunikatie is an Arnhem-based communications consulting agency with international scope. Since it was founded in 1982 we have worked for many B2B and B2C clients that aim at improving organizations, people and society with their innovations. We do most of our work in such innovative sectors as ICT, mobility, transport & logistics, industry, construction and healthcare. In the communicative form that has the greatest impact.

Thanks to Insticom, our office in Brussels, we can also support our clients in Belgium and Luxembourg, while via the Worldcom Public Relations Group and the E3 network we can quickly call on our partners in the rest of the world


Our PR consultants

Wisse Kommunikatie currently has ten consultants and one financial expert. Our team of consultants features a good mix of youthful enthusiasm and seniority. All of our PR consultants are higher vocational school or university graduates, with degrees in marketing or communication. Moreover, a large share of them have a journalistic working background.

We all have one thing in common: we love our job and we aim for the best result for our clients. Our consultants generally choose their accounts on the basis of their own specialty or affinity, and thus have a good network and a great deal of knowledge of ´their´ domain. They closely follow developments in the communication field. Firstly due to their natural curiosity, but secondly through their involvement in various professional associations and communication organizations such as the Worldcom Public Relations Group, IPRA, Logeion and local communication circles.

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International network

Wisse Kommunikatie´s primary market is the Netherlands, but we also help many clients with PR and communication abroad. For example, together with our Brussels office Insticom we serve both the Flemish and Walloon parts of Belgium and the Luxembourg stakeholders. But we also go well beyond the Benelux borders, for example with our branch in Düsseldorf, through which we support our clients in Germany.

Activities in other countries also lie within arm´s reach, via the Worldcom Public Relations Group and the E3 Agency Network, in which we have been members since 1989 and 2018, respectively. With around 140 partners in 49 countries and more than 2,000 communication specialists, the Worldcom Public Relations Group is the largest network of independent PR firms in the world. Every year Worldcom organizes the Youth Meeting to allow the young professionals in our offices to share experiences.

E3 focuses primarily on marketing, which fits perfectly with the international digital aspirations of our clients.

Communication networks

As befits a good communications agency, we know what´s going on in the sectors which our clients serve, but also in the sector where we ourselves work on a day-to-day basis.

Our consultants keep our knowledge of the communication sector up to date with workshops, seminars and knowledge sessions, and via memberships in the Nijmegen Communication Circle, the Arnhem Communication Circle and Logeion.


National or international ambitions in commmunication?

Feel free to contact our consultants, who will be happy to tell you about the options and oppportunities.