Crisis communication

One of our areas of specialization within the PR field is crisis management and crisis communication, and following on from these activities, reputation management. Every business and every organization can be affected by a crisis situation. No matter what the nature of the crisis is, immediate action is required. This is particularly true in today’s media landscape in which scoop-happy journalists and social media play a crucial role, and news travels at lightning speed.

Thanks to rapid and adequate crisis communication and thorough crisis management techniques, you can redirect the attention the event inevitably will receive, steering it in the right direction. Once the literal or figurative “all clear” signal is sounded, it is vital to get your organization’s name and image back on track using offline and online reputation management.

Crisis communication plan

An important part of our approach is that we are not only immediately at your organization’s side once a crisis occurs, but that we also ensure you are thoroughly prepared for any potential crises. One of the ways we do this is by drawing up a crisis communication plan in which, together with you, we identify the most important procedures, people and activities that are crucial to the resolution of a crisis.

Our five crisis communication consultants are on call, day and night, 365 days a year, seven days a week for over 40 contracted parties in the care sector alone. Apart from immediate assistance, we offer the organizations that come to us for crisis communication a monthly, personalized social media update and access to our crisis newsroom where our consultants and institutions can share knowledge and exchange experiences.

Crisis training

Another important pillar in our assistance with crisis preparation involves our crisis training programs. Based on the broad training package we have set up, we can put together a tailor-made program suited to your needs. We can instruct you on evacuation drills and victim assistance, including the skills you need to properly handle the subsequent cameras, microphones and difficult interview questions you will face, and provide you with adequate responses to Tweets and posts. Our training programs may be held for groups or on an individual basis.

Would you like to contact our crisis communication consultants directly for questions about a crisis situation? You can reach us on our central crisis number +31 (0)26-3720871.