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Crisis communication

Every organization can find itself confronted with a crisis situation. Whatever its nature might be, immediate action is required, and certainly in today´s social and media landscape, where news is spread like wildfire by journalists eager to score or via social media where people react on the basis of emotion long before having learned the facts. Or the media landscape where the gullible prefer to entrust their story to a reporter or a platform than to the designated authorities and emergency services.

Wisse Kommunikatie has crisis communication contracts with around forty healthcare organizations, with pharmaceutical companies, suppliers of medical devices, (petro)chemical companies, IT companies and organizations in industry and professional services. For local, national and international issues. Our 4 consultants are accessible for them 24/7 for advice and action in the area of crisis communication. Serge Beckers and Theo Snijders are the first contact points here.

We earn our good reputation by protecting yours

Need help immediately in a crisis?

Call our central crisis number for immediate assistance: +31 26 372 0871


We have assisted the following companies:

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It´s no accident that around 50 organizations have in the meantime called upon our crisis experts to both prepare for and deal with crises. Because, in the nearly 20 years that we have been active in crisis communication, we have already handled many cases for and together with our clients. A small selection from our expertise:

#metoo / abuse / accident / administrative crisis / austerity round / child pornography / contamination / data breach / death / disappearance of client / disturbance of neighbors / explosion / fire (arson) / food poisoning / fraud / hacking / inspection visits / institutional escape of client / mistreatment / poor healthcare quality / ransomware / recall action / reorganization / round of dismissals / sexual intimidation / suicide / system disruptions / theft / trade union actions / unsound building / wildcat strike.

Forewarned is forearmed...

Our clients also make use of our expertise for ´pre-crisis work´, such as the structural dissemination of the right messages of the organization, the elaboration of crisis scenarios and Q&A´s, mapping and monitoring of online attention, the drafting of a crisis plan and the training of the management team and spokespersons. When a crisis then does arise, all of the involved parties can be quickly lined up and the crisis situation dealt with in an informed manner.


Need help in a crisis?

If you need help in a crisis or disaster, our four crisis communication consultants are there for you via our central crisis number +31 26 3720871. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day.  And it makes no difference whether your organization is already one of our crisis clients or you are contacting us for the first time.

Want to know more about our services? Then complete the form and we´ll call you, after which we would be happy to come by for a personal introduction. Because ´knowing who you’re dealing with´ is obviously crucial for these types of reputation-sensitive activities.