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Salus - national and international corporate crisis communication

Salus is Wisse Kommunikatie’s corporate crisis communication service. The service is not only available in the Netherlands, but thanks to the many Salus partners in the Worldcom PR Group it is also suitable for crises in an international context.

The Salus concept ensures every client 24 x 7 x 365 crisis communication assistance in any desired country. No matter how big the impact is: thanks to Salus, there are always crisis experts on hand who understand the context of the countries an d the sector concerned, and who can act immediately.

Prepare and protect

Salus has two phases, Prepare and Protect.

In the Prepare phase, the crisis communication experts carry out a risk assessment and assess the existing plans and procedures. Once the Prepare phase has been completed, the Protect phase will enter into force, in which Salus will carry out all necessary activities and advisory work that can help prevent or resolve the crisis.

Which companies is Salus designed to help?
  • Organisations with high value assets where the harm from a crisis could be significant and long-lasting
  • Organisations where there is medium level risk, where threats are real but not ever-present
  • For organizations without a full-time internal crisis team, who do want to be able to fall back on experts if a crisis threatens
  • For organizations whose reputation and brand damage in one country can have an impact in multiple countries and regions.


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