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Spotlight: Press trips - HECO


Although they may seem old-fashioned, press trips are still a highly efficient tool for informing the media as extensively as possible and for fostering personal contact with and commitment among journalists. Wisse Kommunikatie regularly organizes press trips on behalf of HECO, which we elaborate on in this edition of spotlight.

wisse case persreis rondleiding

Usually, press trips are organized whenever a company opens an appealing new location or launches an innovative product. Our relationships with the media, and especially with trade journals, are very important to our clients, regardless of the segment in which they operate. In the flood of press releases that editorial boards receive every day, it is helpful to establish good brand awareness and recognition among journalists and editors. In order to promote both, we regularly host press trips on behalf of our clients.

In a family business like HECO, the passion for the product and for entrepreneurship itself is palpable, manifesting itself in the corporate design, the interaction with employees and the love that went into the presentations for this press trip. This passion is contagious, and it turned the press trip into an opportunity for HECO to offer the participating journalists a true experience of the company and make them into lasting ambassadors.

A well-prepared press trip yields extensive background information, allowing journalists to increase their knowledge about the company, its products and its innovations. The primary goal of a press trip is to increase brand awareness, deepen media relations and create brand ambassadors. Alongside journalists, bloggers, vloggers or Instagram influencers are often invited as well.

For a press trip, 3 to 5 journalists usually receive an exclusive invitation to visit the production site, the laboratories or a special party hosted by the client. These journalists can see everything with their own eyes, ask in-depth questions and test the products.

Organizing a press trip is more work than one might expect: alongside correspondence regarding the invitations and other preparations, we arrange the trips, develop the programme and create the press material. Everything is taken care of, from booking flights and accommodations to travel guidance and aftercare in the form of providing additional information for any ensuing articles. Although ‘getting published’ was not the primary objective, the media nevertheless printed a number of beautiful, in-depth articles after the press trip to Schramberg. This was a nice extra, of course, but the main goal remained for journalists to build a special relationship with the company.