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Crisis call: +31 (0)26 372 0871
Tessa van Lienden

Tessa van Lienden



Tessa van Lienden has been a consultant at Wisse Kommunikatie since 2017. She is a real all-rounder in the field of communication with a specialty in job market communication.


“We can develop spectacular PR campaigns, but if the reality doesn´t match the expectations that have been raised, it won´t ultimately deliver very much. From a beautiful product or a fantastic service to tremendous planning and service: the success of each organization depends on the people who work there. They are your business cards, your ambassadors who work in front of and behind the screens to satisfy your clients. You need enough people, with adequate knowledge and qualities, who moreover feel a connection to your organization. If you as an organization have that aspect well in hand, it strengthens your external communication and PR.”


Tessa began her career in 2000, after her Journalism studies at the University College of Windesheim, as an editor at a large magazine publisher. In 2003 she switched over to the communication sector, where she expanded her knowledge and skills with work experience and training courses in the areas of communication, international and national PR, marketing and HRM.